Singapore Part II :: Marina Bay Sands

Today, I would like to introduce the Marina Bay Sands and the surroundings to you.


It’s well-known that the so-called Merlion is the town’s landmark.

The Merlion

But in my opinion it is the Marina Bay Sands. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is designed to look like a ship. I couldn’t say, it’s really beautiful, but it has a special vibrancy. At night it reflects the lights of the skyline and it looks really fabulous.

 Marina Bay Sands

But what can you do at the Marina Bay Sands, apart from booking a room there?

#1 You can take the elevator, pay 20$ and visit the platform on the top of the hotel. And, even the sky is often gray and there is sometimes a smog veiling the city, it is really impressive.

Singapore Skyline


Just to mention a few points of interest: on the right side there are the Gardens by the Bay:
Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Flyer

The Esplanades that look like two halves of a durian fruit, and behind them you can see Swissotel The Stamford, where you can find The New Asia Bar on the 71th Floor.


In the background area there is a roof pool, which is a so-called infinity pool with a panoramic view at the skyline.

Infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

Tourists are not allowed to walk around the pool and disturb the guests, but I somehow disregarded this rule and tried to proceed for some pictures.

Infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

I got immediately caught by the security staff and was brought back to the tourists, where I belonged to.

Marina Bay Sands

#2 On the roof, there is also a club, with an open air terrace and also a panoramic view at the skyline. Normally you have to pay about 35€ to enter the club, but every Wednesday there is Ladies‘ Night Party and everybody can enter the club for free. Ladies are also offered a free welcome drink. I highly recommend to pregame, before you go there because, as I mentioned in my first article about Singapore, liquor is very expensive. Here I drank my most expensive beer, just a common Beck’s beer (0.33l) at the price of about 12€. But I think, you pay also for the breathtaking view. There is also a myth that the DJ is not allowed to play some songs, which have too much beats. Together with the dancing guests, the beats could topple the building. I’m not sure, if that’s true, maybe it’s just an excuse for a boring DJ ;)? However, if you don’t like the music, maybe you would like the ladies at the ladies’ night 😉

#3 In front of Marina Bay Sands, there is a casino. I haven’t visited it, but according to my information, only residents have to pay 100$ for entrance. Probably that’s a method to prevent the Singaporeans from compulsive gambling and make the money leave the tourist’s pocket easier.

#4 Every evening there is a laser show at 8 pm and 9:30 pm. Just take a seat in front of the shopping mall and enjoy the show with wonderful lights and music. And, with some luck you will experience thousands of soap bubbles, flying over the audience, which reflect the laser lights. I really can recommend this: you don’t need to go to Sentosa to visit a laser show. This here is just perfect and it’s for free.MarinaBaySands Laser Show

#5 To your right you can see the Art and Science Museum, which has the shape of a white lotus blossom. I haven’t been inside because I was busy with taking pictures of it all the time. If I should have missed something, then let me know. Last time, there was a Van Cogh exhibition inside, I think, but I had visited another in Amsterdam before, so I preferred to admire this handiwork from the outside.

Art Science Museum Singapore
Art Science Museum Singapore

#6 If you move along, then you will reach the Helix Bride. This bridge is supposed to look like a human DNA matrix. At night it shines in different colors, which change every few minutes and at this time it’s a real eye catcher. This evening I stood over three hours to take pictures of it and couldn’t get enough, even though I had already shot some really good pics.The Helix Bridge

#7 Behind the bridge you can visit the Singapore Flyer. You can buy a ticket for a ride or you can even have a dinner in the cabin. If you are willing to spend 270$, you can try this attraction! Of course at night!

Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer

#8 You absolutely must take a walk in the area around Marina Bay Sands: via The Esplanades you can reach the Fullerton Hotel and if you walk back to the shopping center, where you started (skyline to the right) you can make a short break under some big fans, which look like a palm trees made of steal. These fans are provided with movement sensors, so when you walk around and sit down, this will enforce the fans to start rotating. So, you can enjoy a short sweat-free break, which you do need often in Singapore.

#9 In front of the shopping center you can visit another art attraction: a funnel-like glass, full of water that pours into the shopping mall. Actually a very simple construction, but somehow amazing and very impressive. You can watch the water running for hours. Inside the shopping mall you can also watch the strong water jet flowing into artificial water channels that reminds of Venice. And, that’s something really special at the shopping malls of Singapore. They are full of different attractions that let them look like works of art. You can really spend a lot of time and a lot of money there. And I did, indeed. Eventually my credit card was not very far from screaming „I can’t take it anymore!!“
Before you leave The Shoppes, don’t forget to visit the Cold Rock Ice Creamery.
On your way you will probably get tempted by this:

The Shoppes at the Bay
The Shoppes at the Bay

At the Cold Rock Ice Creamery you can choose your favorite ice-cream and enhance it with some other ingredients like brownies, cookies, chocolate chunks, cereals, etc. Your ice-cream is mixed with these additional goodies and formed again to a scoop.

And if you’re lucky enough, the guy at the shop asks you to step aside and suddenly he throws this big, thick scoop, full of tasty caramel and chunks of chocolate, to the other side of the shop, where another guy is waiting with the ice cup to catch it, using the cup like a baseball glove. My jaw just dropped.

I hope, you enjoyed this article, and wish you a wonderful Sunday! Stay tuned!

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